ATTENDANCE: Jen Bartz, Mike Fitzpatrick, Joi Katz, Joe Mahoney, Sue Marchello, Karen Smith, Patty Rippe

SECRETARY’S REPORT: October meeting minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Balance reported and approved. Jen received copy of last year’s PREF tax return filed by Greg Littmann. Jen provided Greg with information for current tax return for year ended September 30, 2010 and will speak with him to see if he will continue filing PREF’s tax returns and handle other related tax matters.

a novel that will be used to enhance mathematics education by incorporating literacy in the Math 8 classes. This fulfills a requirement of the NJCCCS. Original grant proposal requested $900 for 125 books @ $6.99 each (estimated shipping costs included) so all 8

EVENT DISCUSSION: Joe reported that he and Sue Duffy will organize “Taste of the Park” fundraiser for Saturday, February 5, 2011. Jen obtained the raffle license form from the town for “Taste.” Joi will confirm whether she has PREF’s gaming license from the State of New Jersey in her files.


Sue reported that PREF should expect to receive a donation check (amount TBD) from Op Grad 09.

Sue will bring a summary of revenue and expenditures to a future meeting to allow evaluation of the feasibility of a town wide fundraiser mailing.

Sue reported that Erin Mazzie and Kaitlin Lange, both seniors at PRHS, will update the PREF bulletin board, hopefully by Thanksgiving.

Joi reported that the PREF website upgrade will be ready this week for review and comments. The upgraded website should launch by the end of 2010.

Next Meeting: 12/2/10 @ 8pm PRHS Library. Submitted by: Mike Fitzpatrick

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